How to activate 4G in NTC

From 1st January 2017 NTC has launched 4G in its Network. GSM Postpaid can enjoy this service but customer from Pokhara and Kathmandu Only.

According to NTC website you can “”Enjoy the internet at more than 30 Mbps speed”.

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Who Can Use This 4G Service by Nepal Telecom

  • It has been launched just yesterday so, only, NTC customer from Kathmandu and Pokhara will be able to use.
  • You will need a NT’s 4G/LTE compatible SIM, if you don’t have then you can replace it from telecom.
  • Both GSM Postpaid/Prepaid can activate. Note: Currently Prepaid Sim might not support 4G.
  • Also, 1 GB free internet data/day for 4 days. Total 4 GB Free – Only Postpaid Users.
  • Need 4G Support Phone. Setting > Network Connection > More Network > Mobile Network. Check 4G Option.

Points to remember, Need a 4G supporting phone with 4G enabled SIM(Universal SIM i.e. U-SIM). And currently only Postpaid uses can activate. Price is same as 3G, Rs1/MB plus if you have post paid number then you will get 4 gb free data.

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How to activate 4G in NTC

Activating this new service is extremely easy to perform.

Just dail *444# and then type 1 and send it. You might receive error message with Busy Server, just try again. Until you receive one of the message listed below. RS50 Might be deducted for activation but there is no detail about this in NTC official website.

How to activate 4G in NTC

Successful Activation Message: “4G_promo_pack has been activated. The offer is valid till YYMMDD HH:MM:SS”

If your SIM is not compatible, you will receive this message: “Your SIM card needs to be UPGRADE to USIM. Please replace your SIM card from Nepal Telecom mobile counters. Thank You-Nepal Telecom”



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