Bipul Chettri Songs | Sketches of Darjeeling | Chords | Lyrics

Sketches of Darjeeling is the first album of Bipul Chettri who who became widely famous on 2014. His songs from Album Sketches of Darjeeling had something new which impressed almost every Nepalese.

Bipul Chettri Songs | Sketches of Darjeeling

  1. Mountain High
  2. Wildfire (Dadhelo)
  3. Asaar
  4. Deorali Darah
  5. Ram Sailee – Ode to my Father
  6. Rail Garee

Songs of Bipul Chettri are all superhit but Songs like Asaar, Ram Sailee and Dadhelo won hearts and was hugely hit. It spread like wildfire in Nepal,┬áhis second album was surprise for everyone. Bipul Chettri’s Syndicate from his second album Maya was largely popular in Nepal.

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