How to Check your Youtube Earning in Adsense Account

Did you knew that you can check your daily youtube earning in adsense Performance report?

Most of you might be unaware that you can check your daily Youtube earning directly from your adsense account. Through this method you can easily view useful information like CPC, CPM, CTR and RPM which Youtube doesn’t show.

Here is how you can check Youtube Earning in Adsense Account.

  1. Sign in to you Adsense account
  2. Then click on ‘Performance report’ which is located on the top menu
  3. Select ‘Common reports’ from the left hand side
  4. Now, choose ‘Products’ from the option
  5. Finally select ‘Hosted AdSense for Content’ and check your today’s earning.

Now you can have a better view of your Youtube Channel’s earning report easy and user friendly manner. Check images below to get clear idea how you can

View Your Youtube Earning In Adsense Performance Report – Updates 2016




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