How to download eSewa Nepal APK & IOS App

Nepal doesn’t support international transaction in Online, none of the debit or credit cards will work internationally. The only way is if you go through a legal process from the bank.

eSewa App is one of the best apps in Nepal will solve your problem of online paymanent.

How to download eSewa Nepal APK & IOS App

Although, Nepal does not have enough online stores we do have few quality online stores. And most of them will support eSewa payment. It also supports lots of ISP, NEA, and more payment.

Download Details

  • eSewa App for Android (APK): Here
  • eSewa App for iPhone (IOS): Here
  • eSewa from Website: Here

The app is free to download, has a very low operating fee.

You can transfer funds from your id to your friends, families, and clients id with easy and without any charge. Bank transfer and the Western Union top up is also available.

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