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Have you registered your name in Electronic Diversity Visa or EDV 2018? This is a yearly lottery, where the lucky winner can live and work in one of the most developed nation The United States.

Important Information

Here are some of the information you will need while checking your result.

  • Confirmation Number – You get while registering (16 Digit).
  • Last / Family Name – Enter Your Last Name – Thapa, Gurung, Shrestha.
  • Birth Year – Only Birth Year.

Note: Provide all the correct information as in your citizenship. Check Below Image For Example!

How to Check EDV 2018 Result

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When is DV-2018 registration period

The registration period of DV Lottery 2018 or EDV 2018 started back on October 4, 2016, and closed on November 7, 2016. So, if you have registered then you can check your result very soon.

Now, if the DV Program continues and only if Nepal gets on the eligible list for Eligible List of Diversity Visa then we will be able to apply for DV 2019 very soon.

How to Check EDV 2018 Result in Nepal

The result of DV lottery 2018 will be published on 2nd May 2017. If you have submitted the DV-2018 Entry form then you can check it on 2nd May 2017 this year.

At What Time Will The Result Will Be Published?

If you are confused when to check the result then here is an answer for you. According to DV Entrant Status Check, they have stated that the result will be out starting at noon (EDT) on May 2, 2017. So, if we convert the EDT to Nepal Time then we get 9:45 PM.

The result will be published on >> << you can check if you are one of the lucky winners or not.

Every  DV-2018 Entrants are given their confirmation number which is necessary to check your result and you will need to keep it with you until at least September 30, 2018

Quick Summary

  • Official Website:
  • Result Date: 2nd May 2017
  • Time: At Eastern Daylight Time Noon or 9:45 pm Nepal Time

When can I register for Next DV Lottery for the year 2019?

Want to register for DV 2019? then you will need to wait a little bit more. As soon after publishing the results of 2018. They will release a list of eligible countries from which the citizens can apply for the diversity visa. So, if Nepal gets in the list of eligible then you can apply.

Electronic Diversity Visa is a yearly program by the US through which selected people through lucky draw gets a chance to live, work and stay in the United States.

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