EDV In Nepal

Electronic Diversity Visa or EDV in Nepal brings a very special celebration among Nepalese people. As their is a chance for anyone and almost everybody who dreams to live and work in United States.

There is no doubt that DV program is a huge success, a win-win situation for both the US and Nepal as well. They get hard working workers and we get well paying jobs.

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There are three main process Before getting Diversity Visa, and it same for every country whether you are from India, Nepal or any other country.

  • Entry – Form Submission and Selection
  • Document Verification – After Selection Process, Verification
  • Interview – Last Stage Of DV Lottery Interview

Every year they publish or select specific country list which are eligible for US Diversity Visa. And Nepal is on the list of 2018 DV. So, don’t be late to register your free DV 2018 form this year.

Go to link below to know when will EDV 2018 form be available.

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