How to Enable Youtube Monetization in Unavailable Countries

Those Countries which are not listed in the YouTube Partner Program availability list cannot monetize their youtube channel with adsense ads. There are many countries left behind by Youtube Monetization Program.

You can check the list of countries who can join the partner program “Click Here To Know Your Country’s Availability”.

Countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Pakistan cannot take part in thsese program due to some reasons. But still there are Youtube channels earning through Monetization from these nations. And almsot all banned countries can use Youtube to earn money.

How do banned country used Youtube Monetization?

  • This is pretty simple and risk free trick, people from banned country sign up gmail through US account.
  • Then apply adsense through their real address.
  • All the earning from youtube is sent to your adsense account.
  • When you hit $100 mark you get paid to your real account name and adsense.

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