Gautam Company Nepal Review

Have ever heard of Gautam Company? Do you know they guarantee that you will earn more than 15,000 every month through Adsense.

If you are not familiar with Gautam Company or Adsense then I will give a quick introduction of them.

What Is Gautam Company?

Gautam Company is a Nepal based company who guarantees their customer will earn about 15 – 20 thousand every month. They believe they are providing Online Job In Nepal and As a proof they have even published their customer’s review on Youtube. Most of which accepts the fact they earn 10 – 15 thousand every month.

But do they really give out such an Amazing outcome for just 10,000 as an Investment? If you ask me my answer would be a big “NO”. I too paid for their service.

Adsense is an advertisement platform owned and operated by Google. They pay their publisher on CPC basis.

What Service Does Gautam Company Provide For NPR 10,000 ?

Gautam Company provides following:

  1. WordPress Blog with .xyz or any other domain
  2. Adsense Account + Pin Verified
  3. Payoneer Master Card
  4. Trick To Earn Form Adsense

What they provide are really common in blogging, any good Webhosting Company will allow Unlimited WordPress. A 100-200 rs will get them .xyz domain, Payoneer cards are free to order, Adsense Account are sold around 10 – 15 $. Verifying them need to be from trusted one though. And for their trick it is a total waste of time and your investment.

Big Part: Guarantees you will earn but have no idea if you can cash out that income of your.

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Service Received – Time Period

  • WordPress and Domain – Same Day
  • Adsense Account – within few days 4 – 7 days.
  • Adsense Pin Verification – Almost 4 month.
  • Master Card – Not received yet (almost 1 year – they have set a fixed dialogue we will call you when your card arrives).

So, do people really earn 15 – 20 thousand? are reviews on Youtube real or is it just fake promotion video from company?

As, I said earlier I too have paid for their service and I no really not in mood to give then another chance.

They have now switched their domain to “” and have removed earn more then 15 – 20 thousand description.

Important Note: This is my view on Gautam Company as a customer of theirs. I bought their service on January 2016 and I think they still operates their service.

So, Are you one of their customer? If yes then please leave you review on comments.


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