How to Get Free Data In 4G Network

For now, Nepal Telecom has provided free 4GB data @1GB/day which is valid for 4 days from the date of subscription.

Free internet data of 4 GB and internet speed which is more than 30mbps is great. Read how you can get free data below.

How to Get Free Data In 4G Network

NTC is providing free 4GB of Internet data to its customer which is valid till 31 January. But unfortunately this offer is only for GSM Postpaid users.

So, if you are using a Postpaid sim then you can enjoy 4 GB worth free high speed internet for free.

You just need to activate a you will get 1GB data for free every day for next 4 days.

Points to Remember

You 1 GB free data/day for next 4 days after activation. If subscribers’ usage goes beyond this data volume limit, then normal tariff@Rs1/MB will be charged.

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However, subscribers can enjoy browsing at 4G speed using existing data packages offered for GSM postpaid subscribers that are as follows:

Currently Available Data Packages For NTC 4G are as follows:

  1. 10MB @Rs 8 valid for 2 days
  2. 50MB @Rs 35 valid for 10 days
  3. 200MB @Rs 130 valid for 1 month
  4. 500MB @Rs 300 valid for 1 month
  5. 1G @Rs 500 valid for 1 month
  6. 3G @Rs 1290 valid for 2 months
  7. 5G @Rs 1800 valid for 3 months

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