Ncell Balance Transfer | How to | Service charge

Ncell is without any doubt the best Telecom company in Nepal updating their service constantly. Operating its service in Nepal since 2004 as the first private mobile operator in the country. Formerly known as Mero Mobile later changed its name to Ncell.

Ncell is known for its innovative offers, which includes Data Pack, Voice Pack, Loan Service, Balance Transfer Service and more.

Ncell Balance Transfer | How to | Service charge

ncell balance transferIf you want to transfer your balance from one Ncell Number to Another then it is possible. This service is available on Prepaid to Prepaid number only. You can transfer up to 200 at a time.

How to Transfer Ncell Balance?

Transfering your balance from your one number to another is really simple.

  1. First Activate the service: Dial 17122 for free to activate the service.
  2. Now, Go to your dialer and then
  3. Dail *17122*<Type receiver’s mobile number>*<Type transfer amount>#.
  4. The Press Call Button

EG: if you want to send 10 rupees then dial *17122*9804100000*10# then call after this you will be asked to confirm, then click 1 to confirm. Your Transfer will be success full.

How much Ncell Balance will I receive if I send 10rs, after deducting service charge which is re. 1.25 you will receive rs 8.75.

Check Below for More Information!!

 Service Charge  Re. 1.25 / Any Amount Same Charge
 Minimum Balance  Rs 10
 Maximum Balance  Rs 200
 How Many Times  3 Times a Day

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