Nepal Idol Audition in Pokhara

Are you from Pokhara and wondering if Nepal Idol will audition in your city or not? Then no do not worry. Because Nepal Idol will stay for Audition in Pokhara for 2 days. On Saturday and Sunday great right? you don’t need to miss any classes or work time.

Nepal Idol Audition in Pokhara

If you have any question then you can visit Nepal Idol Facebook page or Official website.

You can also visit Nepal Idol Audition Details Page: Click Here to Visit << You will find information including a map of audition location.

When is audition in Pokhara?

Nepal Idol will audition citizens of Pokhara on, Bikram Sambat: 29 Magh, 01 Falgun 2073.

AD: 11/12th Feburary 2017, Saturday/Sunday.

Where will Nepal Idol, audition be held in Pokhara?

Navin HS School, Gairapatan.

How to register?

Download form form “” and then fill all required details after that take it with you and submit it on the audition location on audition date.

For More Info Visit: Nepal Idol FAQ << Everything you need to know about Nepal Idol, registration, audition and more.

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