Nepal Idol Top 10 Contestant | How to Vote

Finally, there is only Top 10 contestant left in Nepal Idol after months of Audition and rounds. There is no doubt that Nepal Idol is a hit in Nepal with a super cool stage for Talented Singer in Nepal.

Nepal Idol started with AP1 HD’s channel and now is winning hearts of Nepalese within Nation and abroad as well. But the question arises can it continue the trend?

Nepal Idol Top 10 Contestant | How to Vote

Nepal idol top 10 vote
Image Credit: Nepal Idol Facebook Page

Nepal idol’s voting system is currently questionable as a single voter can vote up to 500 votes!! Which is pretty unfair if you have less fan following.

Voting through SMS is available from both NTC and Ncell users. If you are international you can download the Nepal Idol APP to vote for the Contestant.

How to Vote in Nepal Idol

  • Through SMS: Eg. Type Code “03” in SMS box and Send it to 35225
  • Through APP: Download Nepal Idol App: Click Here to Download the App ( Then vote for your singer )

Check the voting code below and vote for your favorite contestant or talented singer. You are the judge to choose the very first Nepal Idol so, choose wisely.

After, Menuka Paudel is knocked out there is only 10 singers left in the Reality Show.

No. Name of Nepal Idol participants Voting Code
1  Buddha Lama  Code 03
2  Kengal Mehar Shrestha  Code 04
3  Nishan Bhattarai  Code 07
4  Pramila Rai  Code 09
5  Pratap Das  Code 10
6  Sagar Ale  Code 13
7  Sandhya Joshi  Code 14
8  Sujata Pandey  Code 15
9  Suraj Thapa  Code 17
10  Ulson Shrestha  Code 18

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