Nepal Idol Top 3 Contestant – No Elimination Day

Buddha Lama wins Nepal Idol, Nishant 2nd, Pratap 3rd

On 1st September 2017, the day when the top 3 singers for Nepal Idol was to be selected, it was surprisingly canceled. As the judges used their power to stop the elimination of any contestants.

Surprisingly, the votes for the top 4 contestants in Nepal Idol were very high. According to the Nepal Idol, the top 4 contestants received a total 3700280 votes till 12 pm.

If you are frustrated what will happen to the votes you gave then do not worry, as the votes will not be wasted, it will be added to next week voting.

Who are Nepal Idol Top 3 Contestant – No Elimination Day

All the singer from the reality show is currently safe for this week as the elimination was called off. This might be a way to extend the show but will help the contestants and viewers will enjoy the show for longer.

Judges have used their last so called power to stop the elimination on 1st September.

Top 3 Nepal Idol Contestants will get heavy prizes so, to stay in the show is important for them.

  • First Prize: Mahindra SUV, 20 Lakhs, 15 Lakhs worth of Album
  • Second: 15 Lakhs
  • Third: 10 Lakhs

Nepal Idol is currently the number 1 reality singing show. Who will be the first Nepal Idol? Sagar Ale, Buddha Lama, Pratap Das, and Nishan Bhattarai.

What do you think? was it a good to cancel the elimination? who do you think the winner will be?

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