Nepal Idol | How to Vote | Top 18 Contestant

It has been a long way for the Nepal Idol. News spread in January and by March the first episode was telecast. The Audition is all done and now the show begins.

Three judges Nhyoo Bajracharya, Indira Joshi and Kali Prasad Baskota select and choose the contestant on Audition. Now after a series of Audition Rounds there is total of Top 18 Contestant to whom you are going to choose.

The winner of Nepal Idol would be decided by viewers’ votes through the Internet, telephone and text messages. There are many ways you can vote for your favorite Singing Contestant.

It is currently one of the most loved and watched shows in Nepal and there are many ways to watch it. Through AP1 HD channel, Android App and from their Youtube Channel.

Nepal Idol | How to Vote | Top 18 Contestant

Voting is still not available right now. You can vote for you favorite contestant from 22nd June, 8:45 pm to 23rd June 2017, 12 pm. (8th – 9th, Asadh 2074)

Voting is easy you can vote from SMS Or it is available from Nepal Idol App as well.

  • SMS: Type voting code of Contestant in your SMS and send it to 35225. Or
  • APP: Vote from Nepal Idol App.

EG: If you want to Vote Buddha Lama then go to SMS and type “03” and Send it to 35225.

See all the participants voting code below.

Nepal Idol - How to vote top 18 contestant

Image Source: Nepal Idol Official FB Page

Here is the List of Top 18 Contestant from Nepal Idol

These talented and wonderful people have made it to the top and will now compete with each other to impress the audience. We are the judge and we are going to select our first Nepal Idol, winner.

Below are the voting codes of the Participants. Choose your Fav Participants and Vote.

No. Name of Nepal Idol participants Voting Code
1  Afsar Ali  Code 01
2  Bidhya Tiwari  Code 02
3  Buddha Lama  Code 03
4  Kengal Mehar Shrestha  Code 04
5  Manoj Thapa Magar  Code 05
6  Menuka Paudel  Code 06
7  Nishan Bhattarai  Code 07
8  Pragya Shree BK  Code 08
9  Pramila Rai  Code 09
10  Pratap Das  Code 10
11  Pratap Lama  Code 11
12  Rahul Bishwas  Code 12
13  Sagar Ale  Code 13
14  Sandhya Joshi  Code 14
15  Sujata Pandey  Code 15
16  Suraj Tamang  Code 16
17  Suraj Thapa  Code 17
18  Ulson Shrestha  Code 18

Note: These codes are listed on the basis of Alphabets.


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