Is Nepali Rapper Yama Buddha Dead? Real or Fake

Its unusual trending on Facebook right now, as most of the users are sharing verse from Yama Buddha‘s rap with #RIP. But there is rarely any evidence of it.

I searched most of the rappers and other profile with whome he has worked and found nothing in this topic. Most of the news are coming from Facebook Groups.

Most of blog claim news confirmed on “BBC Nepali’s Evening Broadcast“.

More Update : Yama Buddha’s Body to Arrive Nepal on Saturday

Is Nepali Rapper Yama Buddha Dead? Real or Fake News

Yama Buddha shared his latest upcoming album news on 11th and today its his death news is spreading like wildfire.

Yet no confirmation can be given. Some says its car accident some says found dead on his bathroom, the news is still a mystery.

News: MyRepublica one of the most famous news portal has shared a news on this. Click here to read

Note: This is not official report.


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