Net Tv Nepal: Watch HD quality live tv on your phone in Nepal

Now, you can watch live tv in HD quality from anywhere in Nepal. With Net Tv Nepal app you can stream any channel you like.

Also they are partner with Ncell so, you can easily stream TV without any disturbance. Net Tv provides 30+ HD Channels and 80+ SD Channels.

Ncell Tv Pack Price

Nepal Telecom has currently is not providing any Net Tv Pack but Ncell is. You can watch live for as low as rs30/hour. Ncell has 4 pack for you to choose from and I have used their service which is incredibly good. I use to stream Premier League matchs but now they have stopped those channel for some reason.

1-day TV packs Rate (inclusive of taxes)
30 minute pack Rs. 35
1 hour pack Rs. 60
2 hour pack Rs. 100
3 hour pack Rs. 150

How does Net Tv Nepal works?

If you don’t now then let me explain how you can watch Live Tv form your phones.

Net Tv Nepal need internet connection if you want to watch live tv. Besides that you will need to pay channel price/month basis. EG. if you want to watch Sony Channel then you will need to pay 1 month price which is cheap.

But if you buy Ncell Tv Pack then you no need to pay the prices of  channel plus you get see HD qualify tv without disturbance.

Net Tv Nepal: Watch HD quality live tv on your phone in Nepal

Download Net Tv Nepal On your mobile phones, it is currently available for both Android and IOS.

Android Device: Net Tv Nepal in Play Store

IOS Device: Net Tv Nepal in App Store

Net Tv in Television

NETTV Set Top Box at: Worldlink , vianet.

Worldlink actually provides the best Internet Service in Nepal in Cheap price. If have fast and reliable internet.

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