NTC Balance Transfer | How to | Security Code

I used to use this service in those days when mig33 or currently known as mig.me were famous in Nepal. Currently, I use Ncell so, transferring balance is not a problem with it.

NTC has a really bad customer satisfaction score, it changes its codes and service constantly. I’ve checked all over its official website for this service but I found nothing similar.

So, I don’t know if Nepal Telecom is still supporting this service or not if you really want to try then please follow the instructions below.

NTC Balance Transfer | How to| Security Code

NTC Balance Transfer

NTC to NTC balance transfer is a really easy process, you will just need to know 2 different number. One is the receiver’s number and second it the security code of your Nepal Telecom Sim.

How to Transfer NTC Balance?

  1. 1st you need to know you security code which is one the purchase page of Sim.
  2. Go to Dailer
  3. *422*security Code*Phone No*Rs#
  4. Then click call, the sending process will begin.

That’s it your transaction will be complete.

How to Get Security Code?

NTC’s security code is given to the owner as the time of the purchase of the sim. Security Code’s are really necessary as it can be used to transfer mobile money and block the sim if it gets lost.

There are many blogs which share information on retrieving a new Security code, none of the work. I suggest you check your purchase page of sim or contact Nepal Telecom for your security code.

There are other articles where people claim NTC Balance Transfer without security code but it is hardly true.

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