How to Withdraw Google Adsense Earning from eSewa in Nepal

Are you blogging or running a youtube channel? then Adsense is a very good option for monetization. Google Adsense is one of the most favorite and a popular advertising company among publishers.

There are many ways you can earn online, first is through Blogs (Website) and secondly is from Youtube. Although, youtube does not support Nepali Youtuber for earning you can use a simple trick to make money.

Cashing out your earning money from Adsense is easy and now it is even easier with eSewa’s Western Union. The new feature of eSewa comes in handy as you can directly pick you’re earning in your account and then transfer it to your bank.

No more waiting in the long queue, use this service in easy steps.

How to Withdraw Google Adsense Earning from eSewa in Nepal

As you all know that Adsense will send you, your hard earned money when you reach 100$ or equivalent.

Steps to Withdraw Money is your eSewa Account Directly

  1. Login to your Adsense Account and then
  2. Go to Payment, set your payment methods as WU (Western Union Money Transfer).
  3. Fill all the necessary details ( Name as per your Citizenship – Receiver’s Name )
  4. You will receive code from adsense.
  5. Now, go to eSewa, WU then use the code to receive your money.
  6. You can either use the earning from the account or transfer it to your Bank Account.

Note: Please don’t make mistake while typing your Name on Adsense, it should match your eSewa account’s name. Also, you will need to verify your eSewa Account to use WU service.

Hope this works for you will, Thank you!

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