Apply Process of AG Recruitment | UK Seasonal Visa 2023 Nepal

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AG Recruitment and Management is one of the most popular Operator or Recruiter in Nepal for the UK Seasonal Work Visa 2023.

The United Kingdom plans to provide visas for 45,000 workers from all over the world. And also extend that number upto 10,000 if labour are needed by the Agriculture or Poultry.

According to the official report they have extended their license and will be continuing their operation as recruiter for the Seasonal Worker Program in 2023 as well.

Apply Process of AG Recruitment | UK Season Visa 2023 Nepal

The application process for the AG Recruitment is easy all you need to do is go their official website, visit Apply Now page and then fill up the form and send it.

The company says they’ll contact you as soon as possible through either email or calls.

Visit AG Recruitment’s Apply Now Page

This is how their website looks, You can visit their website through, then click on Apply Now.

ag recruitment uk seasonal work visa
ag recruitment uk seasonal work visa

Application for UK Seasonal Work Visa from Nepal 2023 through AG recruitment

The second step is to add all your information correctly, you name, contact number, nationality, preferred language and location.

This is an important step because this is what the company looks for if they want to hire workers.

So, do not miss any information.

uk seasonal work visa from nepal
uk seasonal work visa from nepal

Send your UK Agriculture Work Application

Finally, type your Country of Resident and check on agreement and send it by clicking on Apply Now.

This will send your application to the company and now all you can do is wait for their reply.

You do not need to send these application more than once, they’ve already received your application and it does not need to be resent.

If they get workers request than they will contact you for further procressing.

uk seasonal work visa 2022 from nepal
uk seasonal work visa 2022 from nepal

Documents I need to prepare for AG Recruitment

You need to create your CV and Cover Letter if they decide to hire you, you will need to provide them with your work experience and reason for the application.

All the other visa related documentation will be after they contact you. You will receive (CoS Reference Number) which is Certification of Sponsorship.

You will need this to apply for UK Seasonal Agriculture or Poultry Visa in 2023.

How much does it Cost to apply for UK Seasonal Work Visa from Nepal?

It does not cost you any fee for the Recruitment, these companies do it for free, but you will need to pay Travel Expenses, Living Cost in UK (For First Month) and Visa Application fee (Non-Refundable).

You can read this article on Process to Apply for UK Seasonal Visa in Nepal 2023.


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