Check EDV Result 2024 in Nepal | DV Lottery Results Date

EDV Result 2024
Guide on how to Check DV Result 2024 Nepal
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On March 2023, the official website of Department of State Bureau has updated their website with EDV result 2024 for Nepal.

Here is How you can Apply for the EDV 2025, the application will most probably start from the first week of October 2023 and will end by November 2023.

The EDV result 2024 Nepal will be published on 6th May 2023 and all around the world.

DV Result 2024 Results Date

ResultDiversity Visa 2024
Result Date6th May 2024
Result Time12:00 pm (EDT)
Nepali DateBaisakh 22, 2080
Nepali Time9:45 PM
ApplicationWednesday, 5th of October
EDV Result 2024 in Nepal

How to check EDV Result 2024 in Nepal?

Check DV Result 2024 Nepal
Guide on how to Check DV Result 2024 Nepal

To Check the EDV Result 2024 in Nepal follow the steps below:

  1. First, go to
  2. Click on Check Status,
  3. Confirm Entrant Status Check Instructions,
  4. Click on Continue,
  5. Enter necessary details
    • Confirmation Number
    • Last/Family Name
    • Year of Birth and
    • Authentication
  6. Finally, click on Submit.
EDV 2024 Results in Nepal
Check EDV 2024 Results in Nepal

After this you will be redirected to a new page where your result will be shown.

It is important that you should check your Diversity Visa Lottery results from “” which is the official website of the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs.

There are numerous websites who trying to acts as official website and steal your data. Please beware of those frauds.

Requirements to check Diversity Lottery Result

These are the required to check your diversity visa lottery in Nepal and they are

  • 16 digit Confirmation Number,
  • Year of Birth,
  • Last Name,
  • Laptop or Mobile phone and
  • Internet connection.

Where can I find my 16 digit Confirmation Number?

You can find your Confirmation Number on your DV Lottery entry success page. It is a combination of entry year and number and letter which sums up to 16 digit.

Do I need to enter full birth date to check DV result?

No, you need to enter only your Year of Birth for example if you were born on 18th of April 2000. Then enter 2000 as your birth year.

Why does it show error while entering my Name?

If you enter your Full name while checking your DV 2023 result then it will show error. You need to enter your Last or Family name only.

When is DV 2023 result in Nepal?

The EDV 2023 results in Nepal will be published on 6th may 2023 at around 10 pm Nepali time.

Do I need to pay to check my result?

No, checking results are completely free of cost.

I don’t have a computer can I check my DV result?

Yes, you can check your DV result through your mobile phone, even if you do not have a computer.

How to receiver Confirmation Number? I have Forgot it.

Confirmation number is a very sensitive information and is advice not to lose even if you win Diversity Visa lottery.

Even if you lose your Number you can recover it without any problem if, you have your Email.

Email that you have used while applying for DV 2023 Lottery.

To recover your 16 Digit DV Lottery, Confirmation Number

  • Select Year of the DV Program.
  • Fill up your Last/Family NameFirst Name and Middle Name accordingly.
  • Fill up your Date Of Birth.
  • Enter your email address (must match applicants email address)
  • Click on Submit button.

You will receive your Confirmation number in your email address.

Stay away from Frauds

You will either win or lose, there is no other result, if someone tells you that can get you DV Lottery visa if you pay them then they are fraud.

The United States government does not charge as fee for Diversity Visa Lottery.

You will need to pay for Visa fee but that is later if you are selected for Electronic Diversity Visa.

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