Crypto in Nepal | Is Buying or Mining Legal?

The first Crypto Currency Bitcoin was launched around 2009 which is more than a decade ago but still here in Nepal people are still unaware or just does not have enough information about these virtual currency. Within 2 years of its launch Bitcoin was able to hit $1 in value and now it is around $45k also the experts predict the price to reach $100k by the year 2022 which is insanely amazing given that people absolutely did not believe in crypto a few years ago.

The value of 1 Bitcoin exceed $67k making it all time high on 2021, since then the value has decreased drastically but still has trading above $30k till now.

In todays date there is an estimated 8000+ crypto currencies and has already reached $3 trillion mark.

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Crypto In Nepal notice from Nepal Rastra Bank

crypto in nepal in details

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नेपालमा Bitcoin लगायतका Cryptocurrency हरुको कारोबार गर्न पाइँदैन । यस्तो कारोबार गर्नु कानुनतः अवैध हो ।

These are some of the most searched queries about crypto in Google Nepal and today I will try to answer all of your queries in the simplest form as possible. I will not talk about what cryptocurrency’s and how they are valued in this blog.

The first and one of the most searched question, Is crypto currency legal in Nepal?

Well, the answer is it is very illegal and punishable by law as well. NRB has clearly started that trading and owning of crypto in any way illegal.

Nepal and our neighbors, who are one of the top countries in terms of economy, are also very trying to avoid crypto. India has a 30% tax imposed on all crypto earnings.


Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB)

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