Difference between Hosted & Non-Hosted Adsense Accounts

Adsense account in Nepal
Adsense account in Nepal
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Adsense accounts come in two distinct varieties: Hosted Adsense Accounts and Non-Hosted (or Normal) Adsense Accounts.

This distinction often leads to confusion among those signing up for Adsense. In this explanation, we’ll delve into the actual differences between these two account types.

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Hosted Adsense Account

Hosted Adsense Accounts are linked to websites that are Google Host Partners. These partner sites include platforms like Ex-BlogSpot or Blogger, Hubpages, and YouTube. In essence, any AdSense account created through these Google-hosted sites falls into the category of Hosted Adsense.

Here are the key features of Hosted Adsense Accounts:

  • Relatively easy to get approved.
  • You can earn revenue through Blogger without any upfront investment as creating an account is free.
  • It enables you to generate income from YouTube, including YouTube live events.
  • You can use it exclusively on websites hosted by Google.
  • There’s the possibility to upgrade from a Hosted to a Non-Hosted Account.

Non-Hosted Adsense Account

A Non-Hosted (or Normal) Adsense Account is versatile and can be used on any website. While it can be challenging to get approval for a Non-Hosted or publisher account, once approved, it is less prone to being blocked. Moreover, you can extend its usage to Windows apps and mobile platforms to earn revenue.

Key features of Non-Hosted Adsense Accounts include:

  • It allows you to earn money from YouTube, including revenue from YouTube live events.
  • You can use it on any website, whether or not it is hosted by Google.
  • It is compatible with Windows apps and mobile platforms, offering multiple earning opportunities.

In summary, Hosted Adsense Accounts are primarily associated with Google Host Partnered sites, offering a relatively easier approval process. On the other hand, Non-Hosted Adsense Accounts provide more flexibility, allowing you to monetize various types of websites, as well as Windows apps and mobile platforms, but they typically require a more rigorous approval process.

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