Gold Price in Nepal

Gold Price in Nepal
A webtool that shows the latest Gold Price in Nepal in nepali rupee
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Types of Gold Karat in Nepal

There are 3 types of gold karat in Nepal and they are listed below.

  1. Hallmark or Fine gold is 24K Gold and has 99.99% Purity.
  2. Chhapawal is also 24K gold but with 99.50% Purity.
  3. Tejabi 22K Gold which is 91.67% Purity.
Gold KaratPurityAlloyNote
24K99.9% (100%)0%Very soft
22K91.6%8.4%Ideal for jewelry
18K75%25%Ideal for jewelry
14K58.5%41.5%Ideal for jewelry
10K41.7%58.3%Affordable for jewelry

Types of Gold in Nepal with purity percentage

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