How to activate free Facebook Data in Ncell

activate free Facebook Data in Ncell
How to activate free Facebook Data in Ncell from 2017
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Ncell hasn’t broadcasted it yet, but there is a rumor going around that Ncell is going to provide free Facebook to its customers.

It is expected to be available from Tuesday midnight, which is today after midnight.

What to expect in Free Facebook in Ncell

From Free Facebook Data in Ncell, anyone can Upload Images, Like Share, and Update Status. But cannot view images or chat through messenger.

So, if you run out of balance then you can use free mode which will be the same as paid mode it’s just you cannot see images and chat with others. Below I have mentioned how you can surf Facebook for free.

Ncell to provide free Facebook data to Ncell Customers, I saw this news first on Seto Pati. And recently Ncell has mentioned a surprise for 15th Feb 2017 but has not revealed it yet. Ncell is providing free Twitter and Wikipedia and now looks like they are adding Facebook too.

If we believe what Nepali News Portal SetoPati has to say then there will be free Facebook all over Nepal. Who Can Use Free Facebook? What Can I Do in Free Ncell Facebook Data?

According to Setopati uploading, images will be free, liking and sharing will also be free and updating status will also be free of cost. But view images of others are restricted and also they won’t make chatting free.

How to Activate Free Facebook Data in Ncell

Turn on your mobile Data and open Facebook from Official App.

  1. For Android Users – Just Click On Free Mode On Facebook App
  2. For IOS and Other Smartphones – Dial *17114# then you will get SMS with link open it to use free data.

Some Important Points For Using Free Facebook Data In Ncell

  1. You can use, Official Facebook and Lite app or Chrome Browser to surf free.
  2. Opera is not supported for free Facebook.
  3. You cannot use Messenger to chat for free.
  4. But you can chat for free if you use chrome to log in to your Facebook.

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