IELTS speaking test experience in Nepal

IELTS speaking test experience in Nepal
IELTS speaking test experience in Nepal
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Hello, people, I would like to share my experience with the IELTS speaking test. These are my views and sharing some questions that were asked to me on the IELTS Speaking test in February 2017 IELTS Speaking Test.

Even though I was nervous, losing track of what I was answering and finishing the answer midway. The interviewer was kind enough and supported me to speak up and encouraged me to continue with my answers.

It’s been a while so, the format might have changed in 2022.

Experience of appearing in IELTS speaking test in Nepal

These tips are based on my experience and I would like to share them. It’s completely on you if you want to follow it or not.

The first thing I want you to know is that you, talk as much as you can and don’t give up on speaking. I remember just before entering the room, my hands were shaking, and my voice was at its lowest.

  1. It starts before entering the room for the exam, be confident and try to get rid of your nervousness.
  2. Listen to the question first, then carefully divide your answer and deliver it.
  3. Do not rush to give your answer you might lose track of your answer and forget the question.
  4. Question from Part 1 will be related to you and your day-to-day life, all the questions will be easy but it depends on you how you deliver it to him.
  5. Part 2 is easy too, they will choose a topic for you and give a question booklet you usually need to answer 3 questions.
  6. Part 2 Tips: Don’t be overconfident.

What I Did Wrong In My IELTS Speaking Test

  1. Nervous but Over Confident – Questions were easy just could not deliver the way I should have.
  2. Losing Track – I often lost my sentence, talked about something in one, and went on to another.

And if you are wondering I got 6.5 on Speaking and 7.5 overall.

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