Police Report Online: Apply Nepal Police Clearance Report

Police Report Online
Application process for Police Clearance Certificate Online in Nepal 2023
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Police Report Online: A Police Clearance Certificate is a certificate provided by the Nepal Police and verified by Foreign Ministry to shows if citizen has a criminal record or not.

This document is necessary if you are want to work in another country or go to foreign country.

In a simple terms, this “Police Report verifies that the person who wants to go to foreign country has not been convicted (jailed) or done anything bad before.

Police Clearance Certificate | Application Process | Documents | Verification & Payments

Police Report Online
Application process for Police Clearance Certificate Online in Nepal 2023

You can apply for Police clearance certificate online using online police clearance registration system’s website https://opcr.nepalpolice.gov.np/.

After successfully submitting an application it will take 2 / 3 days for approval and to receive your PDF file, you can color print this report.

As this can be done through online application the first step is easier for you. Now,

How to Apply for Police Report Online in 2024?

Sample of Police Clearance Certificate Police Report of Nepal
Sample of Police Clearance Certificate

To apply for the Police Report Online follow the steps below.

  1. Click on OPCR Nepal Police Website or visit opcr.nepalpolice.gov.np.
  2. Register a New Account.
  3. Apply for New Application.
  4. Wait for Approval and then,
  5. Download Police Clearance Certificate once completed.
  6. Color Print it.

Documents needed for Police Clearance Certificate

The documents that you will need to apply for police report online are:

  1. Passport size photo (Recent).
  2. Copy of citizenship (Front and Back Side)
  3. Passport (2,3 and 31 no. page) | If applying for work visa
  4. Nabalik Pramanpatra | If Applicant is under age.
  5. Marriage Certificate (If Married)
  6. Migration Certificate | Basai Sarai (If moved)

If you applying this report for foreign work then you will need to provide your Passport as well. You will not need your National Identity Card to create or verify your report.

Police Clearance Report Verification Process

After you receive your clearance certificate from the Nepal Police website you will now need to verify it.

For this you will need to visit Department of Consular Services which is in capital city Kathmandu.

1. Entry in the office
2. Payment Voucher (Pay Online for Faster Processing)
4. Fill the bank voucher while sitting in line.
5. 1st counter they will arrange your documents to be attested and sign it.
6. 2nd counter you have to pay.
7. Wait until they call you by your name.
8. Receive attested documents.

I suggest you to pay online for the POLICE REPORT using Global IME Bank or Digital wallets. As this will save you time and do not need to wait in line for payment inside the consular office.

Here all you have do is get stamp on your Police report from a small office which is in underground. Submit your documents in counter no 1, 2, 3, 4 (any of them) and wait.

After your Police Clearance Certificate is verified they will call you by your name.

If you need help you can ask the police or help desk at the very front.

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