How to register my phone in MDMS in Nepal 2023?

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If you have a legally obtained smartphone purchased after Jestha 15, 2080, you can register it in the MDMS system. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

Click here to visit MDMS Registration Page

Step 1: Enter Phone Details Fill in the IMEI number, smartphone brand, model, and usage status.

Step 2: Verify Email Receive an OTP code via email from NTA and use it to verify your email address.

Step 3: Provide Personal Information Share your arrival details in Nepal, personal information, and purpose of phone use. Foreign applicants must provide home country address and visa validity.

Step 4: Review and Upload Documents Check your details and upload scanned copies of your passport, entry stamp, and smartphone purchase proof.

Note: Scanned copies should be in .jpg or .jpeg format and under 512KB each.

NTA will review your application and inform you of its status. Please be aware that the process may take some time.

To check if your phone is successfully registered in MDMS, visit

Remember, this process ensures your phone’s legality and compliance with Nepali regulations.

Registering Phones for Returning Nepali Migrant Workers

For Nepali migrant workers returning after at least 6 months of working abroad with a labor permit, there’s an opportunity to bring an additional handset free of 13% VAT or 5% excise duty. To register these phones in MDMS, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access Pre Registration Portal Visit NTA’s MDMS website and click on the register button in the Pre Registration Portal section.

Step 2: Obtain Registration Token Click the “Get Token” button to receive your registration token. Verify your email with OTP and you’ll get the token.

Step 3: Complete Pre-registration Form Use the registration token to access the pre-registration form. Provide details such as IMEI, brand, model number of the phone, personal information, departure and entry dates, and departure country.

Step 4: Review and Submission Double-check the information you entered and submit the form. If you’re unsure about certain details, you can save the application to continue later.

This process allows returning Nepali migrant workers to bring an additional handset without extra fees and ensures proper registration in MDMS.

How to check if your phone is registered under MDMS?

To confirm if your phone is officially listed in MDMS, follow these steps:

  1. Visit “” in your web browser.
  2. On the website, you’ll find two input fields:
    • a. Check if your current phone is registered.
    • b. Verify whether a phone you’re planning to buy is in MDMS.

As of now, unregistered phones are functioning normally. This includes phone calls, mobile data, SMS, and more.

However, please note that NTA (Nepal Telecom Association) has announced that unregistered phones will be blocked from Nepali tele networks within two months, unless they are individually registered.

How many phones can you bring to Nepal?

How to Register Grey-Listed Phones in MDMS?

Under NTA’s recent rule, you can register grey-listed phones used in Nepal until Jestha 15, 2080, by paying a fee. Although the initial system duration was until the end of Ashadh 2080, the Ministry of Finance is working to extend the registration period by one month. Here is the fee structure:

[Fee Structure]:

S. No.Device TypeFee amount
1Smartphone that costs Rs. 1 lakh or moreNPR 10,000
2Apple’s iPhoneNPR 10,000
3Smartphone that costs less than Rs. 1 lakhNPR 3,000
4Other phones (feature, bar phones)NPR 200
Official Price of Grey listed mobile registration 2023

This allows you to officially register and continue using your grey-listed phone in the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS).

Follow these simple steps to register your grey-listed phone in the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS):

Step 1: Access Grey Registration Portal Go to NTA’s MDMS website and locate the “Grey Registration Portal.” – Or Click Here

Step 2: Fill in Details Provide your phone’s IMEI number(s), personal information, and other required details. Double-check your entries and click “Proceed to next step.”

Step 3: Review Application Confirm all details once more, ensuring accuracy. Proceed to the payment step.

Step 4: Payment View your payment details and options, including eSewa, Khalti, and connectIPS. Currently, only connectIPS is functional due to issues with eSewa and Khalti.

Step 5: Use connectIPS Choose connectIPS and log in to your account. After successful login, you’ll receive a QR code for payment.

Completing these steps ensures your grey-listed phone’s official registration in MDMS, allowing you to continue using it without any issues.

What is MDMS in Nepal?

MDMS also known as Mobile Device Management System is a government-owned system that keeps track of phones and similar electronic devices entering the country using their unique IMEI numbers.

This includes any phones and tablets with SIM cards.

  • Phones not registered with NTA is known as grey or illegal imports will be blocked from carrier networks (NTC, Ncell, Smart) in Nepal.
  • Meaning functions like WiFi and streaming will still be available but, but not phone calls that requires sim card.
  • According to official, Mobile phones registered in MDMS can be tracked by authorities if lost or stolen. Lost unregistered phones can’t be reported to the police.

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