How to Apply for UK Seasonal Visa 2023 | Agriculture Work from Nepal

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In this blog post we will take a look at how you can apply for the UK seasonal visa 2023 from Nepal, Agriculture & Poultry work.

The official website has already announced that United Kingdom will provide temporary visas to more than 45,000 workers for Seasonal Work Visa in 2023.

Seasonal Work Visa is a UK government-supported, regulated work visa for workers worldwide, and Nepali can also join here and earn.

Work VisaUK Seasonal Visa
No. of Operators5
No. of Workers45,000 (10k more if needed)
Work TypeHorticulture & Poultry sector
Work Length6 months
UK Seasonal Visa 2023

Online Apply Process for UK agriculture seasonal visa 2023

To apply for the UK Seasonal Work Visa in 2023 first you need to verify if your country permit this work then find an officially licensed operator which is accepting application from your nationality.

The job of these operators is to find work for you and they do not charge any fee for this service. After placing your job they will provide you with a Certificate of Sponsor also known as CoS Reference Number.

You need to fill application and prepare documents for your visa.

After this you need to apply for Temporary Work Visa for the United Kingdom, which is usually 6 months only.

What is CoS in uk agriculture visa?

CoS is short for Certificate of Sponsorship, this will have all your details about work, timing, wages per hours, location, farms names and other crutial information.

Please do check before applying for Visa.

Recruitment Companies | Operators for UK Agricultural Work Visa

uk seasonal work visa from nepal
UK seasonal work visa from Nepal

There are currently 6 known operators, from unofficial sites, of which five are for recruiting workers for Horticulture where work will be related to agriculture. Which included Flower and Frits Picking, Vegetable farming and caring and other such related works.

And only one for Poultry sector. AG Recruitment is the most popular one in south asia.

You can check all the recruitment companies with their official websites in the table below.

Operators for UK Seasonal VisaOfficial Website
HOPS Labour
RE People
Operators for UK Seasonal Visa 2023

Cost for UK agriculture visa 2023

There is no fee to find work for you, they are free of cost. But you will be charged for other like Visa Fee, Travel Cost, Documentation (Depends on you) and Financial Statement.

Visa Application Fee is £259 which is non-refundable meaning they will not return your money if you do not get visa.

Financial Statement this is to ensure you have enough money with you before receiving your salary. You need to have equivalent of £1,270. (If your sponsor pay for your living expenses then you do not need this).

Travel Cost is your ticket to UK, sponsor do not pay for your plane so ypu are the one who needs to manage this money. (If sponsor pays for your airline ticket then you do not need this as well.)

Other Cost is expenses you need while creating and making documents such as travelling for visa, hotel and other.

How to apply for UK seasonal visa from Nepal

You can apply for UK Seasonal work Visa by filling the application form which is available in operators website.

Note: Not all recruiters all workers from worldwide, due to limitation people from some nation are not taken by them. Do read before applying.

ag recruitment uk seasonal work visa
ag recruitment UK seasonal work visa


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